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Chinese American Information Storage Society (CAISS)
The Chinese American Information Storage Society (CAISS) was founded 22 years ago in 1995 in Silicon Valley. It is the only non-profit organization of Chinese American professionals registered in the United State and the State of California that focuses on information and storage systems. Ever since its foundation, CAISS’s mission has been to promote technological innovation, entrepreneurial development and global business communication and collaborations. To date, CAISS has over 1700 registered professional members in Silicon Valley, has established chapters in Minnesota, Colorado, Shanghai China. CAISS also has growing active members in Singapore and Wuhan China, expanding its global impact.

In recent years, the industry has been witnessing many monumental shifts: the rise of smart phones, proliferation of social platforms, rapid growth of mobile internet, artificial intelligence, all of which created data deluge and led to the emergence and new developments of cloud computing, storage, and data science. Storing this information and utilizing connections between the different pieces of information is an important driver of the modern information economy and a rich prospect for hardware and software providers. Moreover, China’s initiatives in investing in information technologies have provided CAISS and our members with tremendous opportunities. As a response, CAISS have extended its membership beyond traditional information and storage companies to include more start-ups and storage application and service companies in the areas of cloud storage/computing, mobile storage, big data, magnetic sensor networking, etc.